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Blue and Yellow Set Out of Stock

Blue and Yellow Set

Blue and Yellow Set consists of Oil and zaater Caddy in blue colorHand dish in yellow and blue ..

155.00 AED
Ex Tax: 155.00 AED
Breakfast Set Out of Stock

Breakfast Set

Breakfast set consists of:Zait and zaatar caddyOlive dishOil jar2 Double basin dishTriple basins dis..

480.00 AED
Ex Tax: 480.00 AED
Canister Cubic Jar Out of Stock

Canister Cubic Jar

Dimensions10 x 10 x 15.5 cm..

165.00 AED
Ex Tax: 165.00 AED
Coffee Set Out of Stock

Coffee Set

Coffee set consists of :Rectangle wooden tray 35x15cmDallah6 Sadah cupsworth 220 aed..

200.00 AED
Ex Tax: 200.00 AED
Dinner Set _ 32 pieces Out of Stock

Dinner Set _ 32 pieces

Dinner Set Consists of 32 pieces : 6 - Royal plates 26cm6 - Italian plates 24cm6 - Rim plates 2..

1,400.00 AED
Ex Tax: 1,400.00 AED
Eid Sweet Set Out of Stock
Fish Design Set Out of Stock

Fish Design Set

Fish design set consists of 6 pieces worth 190 aed.Oval B2 DeepDouble basin serving plateSpoonSalt a..

160.00 AED
Ex Tax: 160.00 AED
Qatayef Ramadan Set Out of Stock
Ramadan Sambousek Set New Out of Stock

Ramadan Sambousek Set

Set of oblong tray with handlesize 28.5 x 20 x 3 cm6 small oblong plates M1size 17 x 10 cm..

250.00 AED
Ex Tax: 250.00 AED
Set Dish with Lid Sold Out
Soup Set Out of Stock

Soup Set

Consists of deep bowl and 6 bowls 15cm..

270.00 AED
Ex Tax: 270.00 AED
Tea Set Out of Stock

Tea Set

Tea set consist of:Square colored wooden trayTea Kettle4 Mugs size 24 Assorted Coasters 7.5cm &..

360.00 AED
Ex Tax: 360.00 AED